About Sarah

Sarah Lee wearing a WWII WAC t-shirt, cap and vintage=-tyle shades with WWII tents and bicycles in the background

Welcome! I’m Sarah Lee

History has had my heart for as long as I can remember.

As early as age 11 I was volunteering at my local historical society museum and spending hours pouring over historical fiction. The “old fashioned days” were so fascinating to me and they still are!

Lifelong Learning

At 29, I earned a degree in History with a certificate in Museum Studies from Utah State University. After that I continued to help at museums, taught historical food classes at our homeschool co-op, gave lectures at our local libraries about wartime food rationing, and dipped my toe into WWII reenacting to share all about American food during wartime.

I currently volunteer at Renfrew Museum & Park and The World War II American Experience Museum. I also just started grad school to pursue an MA in Public History from the University of Nebraska! My husband and I live with our three kids in central Maryland an hour away from our pick of historical homes, sites, and museums. It’s a great place to live!

History Preserved officially began in 2012

I started blogging to share my love of history, historical food and museums. It’s where I discovered my love of WWII ration cooking too! I started my podcast Victory Kitchen in February 2020 and launched this more schnazzy website a couple years later.

My goal here at History Preserved is to help others and myself to connect to history in meaningful, thoughtful ways.

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