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Victory Kitchen Podcast

Victory Kitchen is an exploration of food rationing in wartime America. Join author, historian, and vintage foodie Sarah Creviston Lee as she delves into World War II cookbooks, recipes and menu plans to discover how our grandmothers got their food to fight for victory.

Meet The Creator

My name is Sarah Lee. I'm an historian, author, and podcaster who grew up poring over homesteading books with a dream to live in an old house, have a garden and my own flock of chickens. Always with an eye on learning from the past, I seek to share my passion for history with others through recipes, artifacts, books, and just by trying things the old fashioned way.

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Autumn Recipes

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Autumn Recipes

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Autumn Recipes

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Autumn Recipes

Vintage Autumn Series #1: Try this unique vintage Prune Spice Cake

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